Sander Hoentjen "De smeedtang" Wilp 2015

Sander Hoentjen his work is very diverse.  He designs are abstract, organic and modern art. That he is creative is well known by now. Because of the Dutch TV program "Hoeveel ben je waard?" Sander Hoentjen has been viewed by the Dutch TV audience. Recently he focused on a project closer to home, an artwork that made the local newspaper. By local interest group Wilp he was asked to make a design for an art object in memory of the local restaurant ‘De Smidse’ what was demolished in 2006.

For his artwork Sander has chosen for thongs, this because the restaurant was named by a blacksmith who used to have his workshop at that particular spot. The blacksmith was, as a crafsman, a very common and important profession.  In those years many farmers gathered together to get their tools fixed. Even today the  residents of Wilp are a close community. This community feeling is subtle symbolized in the top of the tongs where the two ends of the ‘mouth’ meet. Sander his mission was to symbolize the importance of a point of getting together.


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plaatsing kunstwerk wilp De smeedtang Wilp Sander Hoentjen Smeedtang Wilp Opening "De smeedtang"