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Buy a watch or one of our glasses and we will plant a tree instead. 

With passion and love for wood, the designer and founder of Hoentjen Creatie; Sander Hoentjen, offers an exclusive range of wooden products. Hoentjen Creatie strives to improve its products and strives to follow the latest fashion. Hoentjen Creatie produces and supplies only high-quality and reliable products. He uses recycled, pure and sustainable materials and techniques to craft his products, eliminating environmental harm and restoring resources with each wooden product. 

Technology is shaping the world day by day. Before we know it there will be a totally new world around us. It’s difficult to predict exactly what to expect in the next few years. Despite on what the future may have in store, we can’t deny that everything that is happening has impacts to the environment, some will be good but most will be bad. Therefore Hoentjen Creatie its philosophy is  simple; every time one timepiece or sunglasses sold a tree will be planted. With our donations we help protecting  and conserving forests around the globe for future generations.

In association with "Trees for the future" Hoentjen Creatie plants a tree for every sold watch or glasses. Trees for the future is dedicated to plant trees with rural communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, enabling them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a sustainable future.

 In three years of partnership, Hoentjen Creatie is well on its way. Over a thousand trees have been planted with the help of our partners and our loyal customers!

With two certificates on the wall Sander Hoentjen can proudly say that he makes an actual contribution to solve world problems. A lot of countries are devastated by deforestation and, increasingly, global climate change. The certificates shows the planting of 1500 fast-growing, beneficial trees which will help to protect fragile and eroded lands and also assure families to continue to live in dignity and harmony with the natural resources of their lands.

Plant trees. Change lives!

Check our watches and glasses now! 


 trees for the future