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Hoentjen, Wooden bow tie - Walnut / dark blue

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This wooden bow tie distinguishes itself from the other bow ties because of the shape. Perfect when you want to show off your elegant sophisticated side, while being man-tastic. Paired with a  mixed colored knot.  This combination makes this bow tie easy to combine with almost any fashion piece and style.

Weight: 21 grams
Wood: walnut
Fabric Type: coton
Fabric color: dark bleu

Availability: In stock


Full product description

Hoentjen, Wooden bow tie - Walnutwood / darkblue

It comes naturally to some guys while others considerably find it a whole lot harder. We are talking about tying ties and knotting bows. So looking for that unique gift for a guy? Hoentjen Creatie offers luxury wooden handmade bow ties. This bow ties has an easy click and lock system.  Every bow tie has different grain which makes each bow unique. No two wooden bow ties are alike!

Weight: 21 grams
Wood: walnut with oblique engraving
Fabric Type: coton
Fabric color: dark blue

Our newest product is this coloured bow tie with unique shape.
Hoentjen Creatie has  more wooden bow ties. Click here for the complete collection.

About Hoentjen Creatie

The Dutch designer and founder of Hoentjen Creatie; Sander Hoentjen, has passion for wood. Sander is a highly professional and multi-creative designer and have developed several high-end furniture design projects. His carvings are known for their style, detail and craftsmanship. 
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