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Reading glasses woodenprint blue, Hoentjen Creatie

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Hoentjen Creatie now offers reading glasses with wood pattern flex springs.  These ready-made glasses can be used as reading aids. Please note: these reading glasses are only temporarily suitable for reading. Advised not to use them for distance vision. Also do not use them as safety glasses, do not use them in traffic. In cart you can choose your strenth.

Our reading glasses are not intended to replace an eye examination – we strongly recommend that you have your eyes examined regularly.

When you are ready to order you can choose in cart the proper strength for your reading glasses.  

Full product description

When you have reading problems choose these trendy (‘readymades’) off-the-shelf reading glasses!

• Flex hinges
• Soft case with wood look
• Lens width: 45mm
• Glass height: 38 mm
• Nose Width: 20mm
• Spring length: 150 mm
• Strength +1.00 dpt. up to +3.00 dpt. (choose yours)
• Anti-reflective Shoptic lenses
• PD 62 ± 1 mm

*Only regular professional eye examinations ensures optimal vision aids and tests the health of your eyes. This product satisfies the DIN EN 14139:2002/AC:2006 requirements (specifications for ready-to-wear spectacles).  This product satisfies the essential requirements of the EEC 93/42 and its subsequent amendments. This European Standard specifies the minimum requirement for complete ready-to-wear spectacles. These are not intended for regular use without the approval of an eye-care professional.


About Hoentjen Creatie

The Dutch designer and founder of Hoentjen Creatie; Sander Hoentjen, has passion for wood. Sander is a highly professional and multi-creative designer and have developed several high-end furniture design projects. His carvings are known for their style, detail and craftsmanship. 
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