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Hoentjen Creation, cufflinks - Rosewood with light metal

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Rosewood wooden with light metal cufflinks

product information:
- Material: rosewood and light metal
- Width: 18 mm x 14 mm
- Thickness: 4mm
- Height: 30mm (25mm fixed click)
- Includes storage box
- Oval closure

Availability: In stock


Full product description

Hoentjen; Wooden cufflinks, dutch wood design, rosewood with light metal

Very stylish cufflinks, where the elegant and beautiful wood grain make the details on the buttons. The combination of wood and metal creates a calm but strong contrast. In addition, like the other Hoentjen Creatie products, it is made from real wood and therefore ecologically sound.

Are you looking for something unique for your wedding suit, for example? Order these beautiful cufflinks quickly.

About Hoentjen Creatie

The Dutch designer and founder of Hoentjen Creatie; Sander Hoentjen, has passion for wood. Sander is a highly professional and multi-creative designer and have developed several high-end furniture design projects. His carvings are known for their style, detail and craftsmanship. 
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