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Wooden map of the world

Hoentjen - Wooden map of the world


Hoentjen Creatie has the most original wall decoration to the hearts of both travel lovers and interior lovers.  With a great passion for wood design Hoentjen Creatie has only high-quality, reliable products. 


This unique wooden map of the world, wall decoration, blends our passion, desire to travel,  love for interior and nature together in a unique Dutch product. This world map is available in five different sizes:

1:33 meters
1.60 meters
2.00 meters
2.35 meters
2.65 meters


and in a variety of woods and finishes. Each one is treated by hand. The map hangs free from the wall. The small maps of two meters has a space of 1 cm and the large ones of 1.5 cm. The distance gives a playfull shadow on the wall. 

The wooden maps are supplied with a manual, poster template, adhesive, spacers, screws and plugs so you can attach the map by yourself. All parts are numbered and all attachment points are milled. 

The world maps are available from € 590, - For orders or more information please send an email to



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About Hoentjen Creatie

The Dutch designer and founder of Hoentjen Creatie; Sander Hoentjen, has passion for wood. Sander is a highly professional and multi-creative designer and have developed several high-end furniture design projects. His carvings are known for their style, detail and craftsmanship. 
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